Green Tea Reduces Bad Cholesterol


A study has found Green tea might be successful in decreasing ‘bad cholesterol’. Green tea contains cancer prevention mixes called catechins, which numerous investigations have tested for their impact on cholesterol.

For the new examination researchers at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, pooled the results of these clinical trials, involving preliminaries, including an aggregate of 1,415 adults.

Green teaParticipants in the trials consumed green tea drinks, capsules, or placebos daily. Benefits were found among people who had high cholesterol levels at the beginning of the study.

However, the researchers still sound a word of caution.

“In the event that somebody is as of now taking the drug for their cholesterol, they should stay with it and do whatever it takes not to exchange it for green tea, either cases or the drink,” CBS news cited study author Dr. Olivia Phung as saying.

According to the study, the use of herbal supplements like green tea is only one of the strategies to lower cholesterol, along with medication and lifestyle changes.

The examination was distributed in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.